A look back to the begining

1st July 2022  - Why am I not deleting this?

The post below was made as an about me when I first joined a bunch of creatives at Sobeit Studios about 11 or so years ago. Since this is a blog I thought I would keep my old intro as a momento to a time gone by. So much has happened since then. I tried running an art gallery and teaching kids from a new space in Kalk Bay. A few years later I dived into a full time teaching post as a Design teacher. 

Each jump in creative spaces and opportunities has made me develop and grow further. I have ignored this site for ages but I would like to dive back into it now.

So to restart lets look at the first intro ....

Astrid Castle self portrait

I have always drawn pictures or created sculptures out of any medium I could get my hands on. The fact that I can now have a career in illustration is truly a blessing and my greatest dream come to life.

After school I studied Fine Art and majored in sculpture at the Technikon in Port Elizabeth (Eastern Cape, SA) and even then I enjoyed sculpture that was more illustrative than conceptual. Naturally after studying I had a real thirst to try my hand at illustration. I plucked up the courage to approach a publishing house with only images of my 3D sculpture portfolio and a promise that I could draw. I was lucky enough to get a commission. That same publisher kindly gave me the details of an established illustrator, Chantelle Thorne of Crazy Cat Designs, who was looking for an apprentice at the time.(http://crazycatdesignandillustration.blogspot.com) So grateful for the opportunity, I plucked up the courage and went for the interview. Chantelle and I worked together for 3 years and are now great friends. After working with Chantelle in Johannesburg I moved down to Cape Town and again approached publishers, but thankfully this time around I had an illustration portfolio. Since then I have explored computer illustration as well as still enjoying traditional illustration and the mix of the two.

I am currently based in Cape Town and have been so lucky to have found a beautiful creative space that I share together with other artists at Sobeit Studio. In this Muizenberg studio there are several jewelers, a fashion designer, a sculptor, and a graphic designer. If you are able to find fellow creatives to work with I truly recommend it...and always carry a sketchbook! 

Even when I am away from my desk I find great joy in drawing, especially if I get a chance to draw a comic doodle.
I hope you enjoy the work seen on this site and please feel free to contact me if you wish.

Thank you and all the best